About WD Group

The WD Group comprises of Three Main Business handling with mining, civil construction and transportation.

Its history can be traced back when Wawasan Dengkil Sdn Bhd began its operations in year 2007 with its headquarters located in Dengkil. Since its operation, the company has successfully completed numerous projects, especially in Putrajaya and Klang Valley. Today, we are ISO certified, having reputable and trusted establishment with a strong team of about 500 employees, comprising of various departments such as accounts, HR, machinery and project department.

We proudly own a complete fleet of machineries and equipments of 300 units. With these, we are able to achieve a lot of experience with remarkable operation in this field. Also, we have expertise manpower to provide all the help and assistance needed for mining & civil work.

WD group is fully committed to upholding our vision, mission and core values. We envision to be the top 10 largest infrastructure company in Malaysia. Our company’s mission is to participate adjacent projects, merge & acquisite various types of infracompany, emphasize quality control system, engage & enhance our engineering team and assist in talent improvement. We also have strong core values as we take importance in teamwork, having primary focus, provide enhancement, top notch quality and always being positive.

Other than that, our company supports Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) programs such as contributing in construction of primary school in Dengkil and sponsorship for kids 8 hour hunger famine program.

We also provide design and build full range engineering service for civil construction. What makes us unique is that we are the contractor that owns raw materials and hence this will aid us to have highly competitive prices in the market especially in project bidding. We strongly believe that construction raw materials such as soil, sand and rock is the key for the country to develop.


  • Participate adjacent project
  • M&A (merge & acquisition) various type of infra company
  • Emphasize quality control system
  • Engage & enhance our engeneering team
  • Talent improvement


The top 10 biggest infrastructure company in malaysia

Core Values

  • Team Work
  • Focus
  • Enhancement
  • Quality
  • Positive


13+Years of Experience
300+Heavy Machineries
500+Projects Done
Sand Mining
Earthwork & Infrastructure
Machinery & Transport
Property Development
Renewable Energy

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